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512 N Main Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


In 1999, ADwërks was born out of the idea that each client and each campaign deserved a unique and fresh approach. We call this process "handcrafted marketing solutions". That's what we give our clients everyday.

Handcrafted solutions don't always come easy. Most of the time they start on a sheet of yellow legal paper or a series of scribbles, scratches and ideas on a white-board. Many ideas get cast aside. The best work rarely comes easily, but that's what handcrafted is all about. A few well-trained and talented artists and craftsmen toiling over the details.

The tool chest? Every craftsman knows that without the right tool for the job, you'll work harder and still not get the results you want. In our first office, we used tool chests for storage in our work-spaces. Now we've moved the operation to the old Standard Oil Garage and the tool chests seem right at home.

The ADwërkers seem at home, too. The building may be 90 years old, but it feels like it was built just for us. We've long said that ADwërks isn't the biggest agency in town, and we don't want to be. This old building fits us perfectly.

That's all well and good, but you want to know what ADwërks does, right?

Simply put, we help our clients sell things. It might be a hamburger, a used car or a lot for the house of someone's dreams. It doesn't matter--we create the consumer advertising that engages, entertains and moves consumer behavior.

When it comes to consumer advertising we have the right tools to make cash registers ring. Need to reach the masses? We are mass media masters. Need to reach a few of the right people? We can help you develop the targeted messages that cut through and get to the right audience, even if that audience is tough to reach.

Engaging consumers is what we do. Advertising and marketing communications are our tools of choice.