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300 W 11th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


Located in the middle of downtown Sioux Falls, the newly renovated GreatLIFE EmBe Fitness & Aquatics Center is the ideal place for individuals and families to play together, work out together and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. From FREE fitness classes to water aerobics, this facility is packed with everything you need to feel good about your fitness-focused lifestyle.

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EmBe Aquatic Punch Cards:

Aquatics at EmBe is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At EmBe you are able to buy punch cards with 10 visits (good for 1 year) There are individual punch cards and family punch cards to use when a lifeguard is on duty. 

*Aquatics at EmBe requires you to be 14 years or older to swim without a lifeguard on duty. Please visit the live pool calendar to see availability or call then at (605) 336-3660. 

Punch Cards: Individual - $60 / Family - $120.

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