David & Lucy: A New Musical

Date(s): Thursday, November 16, 2017

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Website: http://www.goodnighttheatre.com

Location: Icon Event Hall + Lounge, 402 North Main Avenue

Email: info@goodnighttheatre.com

David & Lucy: A New Musical is a brand new, original musical making its world premiere on the ICON stage! A take-down of classic sitcom and romantic comedy stereotypes, David & Lucy is the hilarious exploration of what would really happen to dysfunctional people with an oddly close relationship. 

David and Lucy are stuck – but they don’t mind. Lucy doesn’t like change. David is afraid to make a mistake. They’ve been contentedly working at the same boring company for years now, laughing at their inside jokes and eating breakfast pastries. Carol (Lucy’s roommate and long-time friend) and Joel (David’s boyfriend) don’t really get it, but inertia suits David and Lucy just fine. But when change is forced upon them, our leads suddenly find their entire world shifting at once. Lucy is left without a place to live, and David is left without a job. In fact, it seems like all they’re left with is one simple question: What happens to work spouses who don’t work together anymore?

David & Lucy is premiering on the ICON Stage on November 16th - 19th.

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