Encaustic Painting Exhibition

Date(s): Friday, November 10, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Website: http://www.nvstudiosalon.com

Location: NV Studio, 106 West 11th Street

Phone: 605-838-9134

Encaustic paintings by renowned painter-musician Michel Samson at NV Studios. Samson, a native of Holland, comes from a family of artist in the culturally rich environment of the Netherlands.  Samson began drawing and painting as a young child to early success, as he was often recognized for artwork in competitions. His paintings have been featured in a solo exhibition at the Fort Wayne Art Museum as well as various galleries in The Hague and Amsterdam.

The word, "encaustic," owes its origins to Ancient Greece. It translates to, "to heat," and as such, the application of heat is the basis for encaustic painting. This ancient medium was used in Pompeii and Ancient Egypt during the first century AD.  This process, now uncommon, uses molten beeswax combined with dry pigments and natural resin.

“Here at NV Studio I am delighted to host Samson’s exhibition. His encaustic technique creates subtle surfaces that are luminous with a sculptural element,” shared Julia Collins, owner of NV Studio. “This genre is truly unique, and I am excited for people in the Sioux Empire to visit NV Studio and experience Samson’s creative works,” continued Collins.

WHAT: Encaustic Paintings by Dutch painter and musician, Michel Samson
WHERE: NV Studio, 106 W. 11th Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Opening November 4 at 5pm
Tuesday, November 7-Saturday, November 11, 11am-6pm
Tuesday, November 14-Saturday, November 18, 11am-6pm
COST: Free

NV Studio is the unique combination of an art studio and a single styling chair hair salon. This petite space in the Boyce Greenly building downtown is filled with original art that promotes a distinctive, sophisticated atmosphere. The artwork creates a soothing, healing visual experience, and all products used and sold at NV Studio are safe, clean, and effective at fostering natural health. A passion for art is essential to NV Studio’s mission. Exhibiting various artistic mediums celebrates each artist’s talent and the authentic way they pour their souls into their work. One simply needs to enter the studio to connect with this passion.

For more information visit www.nvstudiosalon.com.

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