4 Ways to Celebrate Mom with Downtown Sioux Falls

April 15, 2022

Finding a way to celebrate the mom(s) in your life can feel tricky. We’ve gathered 4 lovely ideas for celebrating your mom, grandma, partner, or mother figure in your life.

1. Share a meal

Tasty food and time together? It’s a go-to for a reason!
Gather your clan and enjoy a meal:

2. Send a Bouquet

Brighten her day with a beautiful arrangement:

  • 605 Florista
  • Bella Rosa
  • Or, gift a live plant from Deku Tree!

3. Gift an Experience

Share time at an activity or event, such as:

4. Write a Note

Jot down the things you appreciate about her! We’ve rounded up a few card options available downtown to suit your style: