6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Downtown Sioux Falls

January 31, 2022

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Here are 6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Downtown Sioux Falls:

Header number one, image shows woman on a date, drinking wineGo classic:

Make a reservation, enjoy a swanky dinner and and dress up in something fun. No matter which downtown restaurant you visit, it’s sure to be a lovely experience.

Header number 2. Image of people playing a game at homeGo low-key:

Take a night to bask in the coziness of home. Order something tasty and bring home a game or puzzle. Zandbroz, Child’s Play Toys, and Game Chest all have fun options.

Header number 3. Image of performer holding a fan in front of a red stage curtain.Go to a show:

A buzzy movie or new theater production gives you lots to talk about on the car ride home or over drinks. Check for showings at the State Theatre, Premiere Playhouse, and the Washington Pavilion.

Header number 4. Image of four hands clinking cocktail glasses to cheers.Go in groups:

Gather some friends and celebrate each other’s company. Catch up over drinks or sign up for a class together. The Deku Tree offers plant workshops, and Plum’s Cooking Co. teaches a variety of kitchen skills.

Header Number 5. Image of folded towel with tealight candles and a flowerGo gently:

Spa days and manicures are always listed as a ‘treat yourself’ idea. This year, why not go for it? Spa on Phillips and Atoley Salon & Spa are welcoming and offer many services. Choose what sounds best!

Header number 6. Image of mixed floral bouquet.Go grateful:

How sweet is it to send an important friend, mentor, or family member some flowers? (Try Bella Rosa Flower Market!) If they’re the type who hates a big-to-do, you could skip the flowers and just send a thank you. Even a stoic appreciates a note they can open on their own time. Try a postcard or even folded notebook paper! Sticks and Steel, Mint + Basil, and Terra Shepherd have fancy cards if you’re really going for it.