10 Ways to Feel Like You’re in a Downtown Christmas Movie

November 27, 2022

Want a main-character moment this holiday season? Consider DTSF your director. For best results, schedule on a day with a light dusting of snow falling.

1. Grab coffee at a local spot, snag a window seat.
Watch passersby from your insulated perch.

Location scouting: Coffea, The Source, CH Patisserie, M.B. Haskett, The Breaks, La Luna Cafe.


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2. Stroll with an armful of shopping bags and a blissed-out expression.
Wear a great coat and bold accessories.

Location scouting: literally anywhere along Phillips Ave. For a new-ish spot, try the Jones 421 building.
Wardrobe department: Scarves at Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Gifts are the softest and warmest. 


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3. Bump into your hometown crush while buying Christmas tree ornaments.

Location scouting: Zandbroz Variety, Sticks and Steel, Terra Shepherd, Sharing the Dream. (Crush appearance not guaranteed.)

4. Get together with old friends for dinner and drinks.
Pick a spot with moody lighting and great decor. Reminisce and laugh a lot.

Location scouting: R Wine Bar, Carpenter Bar, The Treasury, Highball, Crawford’s, Dada Gastropub, Parker’s Bistro.

5. Show up at an event full of local art and charm.
Buy a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special and get a warm feeling inside for being such a local supporter.

Location scouting: Art Collective, Rehfeld’s Holiday Open House.


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6. Dash from your car to the glittery lights of the State Theater.
Inside, get the biggest popcorn, a drink (adult or otherwise) and settle in to watch a classic holiday film. Bonus points if you wear one of those thick turtleneck sweaters that always show up in Christmas movies.

Location scouting: The State Theater


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7. Announce to family or friends that you’re starting a new holiday tradition.
Unveil a delicious treat to share. Bask in your genius.

Treat scouting: CH Patisserie, The Cookie Jar Eatery, Intoxibakes, The Spice and Tea Exchange, Queen City Bakery.

8. Stroll through the charming holiday plaza decked out in lights, larger-than-life candy canes, and hand painted deer.
Find yourself feeling like magic is real. Snap a photo and text it to someone you love. Caption with something witty.

Location scouting: MarketBeat Holiday Plaza


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9. Skip out on stuffy plans and grab a drink at a charming brewery.
Wear something comfy but effortlessly cute.

Location scouting: Fernson Downtown, Severance Brewing, Woodgrain Brewing, Covert Artisan Ales.

10. Find a stunning outfit for that holiday party you’ve got to make an appearance at.
Start actually looking forward to the event because you get to show off a little.

Location scouting: Veza, JH & Sons, Terra Shepherd, Juliana’s Boutique, Chelsea’s, MK Threads.