Equality & Inclusivity in Downtown Sioux Falls

July 28, 2020

Downtown Sioux Falls is a place for everyone, every day—a place of mutual respect and inclusivity, no matter a person’s race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. As such, DTSF is committed to being a voice for equality, equity, and social justice.

We are the heartland of America—the land of the free. But if we are truly the land of the free, then an injustice upon one American is an injustice upon all Americans. The systematic oppression of Black Americans is inexcusable, insufferable, and immoral.

For 244 years, the American system—a well-intentioned experiment in free will, crafted by and for a certain segment of society—has evolved to include and give voice to those initially excluded. We have a racism problem in America. It’s time to let go of prejudice, end systemic oppression, and lift up those who are black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).

As the organization in charge of connecting, growing, and celebrating Downtown, inclusivity is core to what DTSF does. It is our responsibility to be part of the solution, proactively examining how DTSF can ensure all community members in Downtown Sioux Falls are represented, and that the voices of our BIPOC community members are present, heard, and celebrated in Sioux Falls.

DTSF Art Box is one such initiative. This collaboration between DTSF, the City of Sioux Falls, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, and the Sioux Falls Arts Council will celebrate our diversity. DTSF Art Box will feature BIPOC artists within our region to adorn utility boxes in Downtown Sioux Falls with artwork that reflects the valuable perspective of each artist, thus reflecting a well-rounded picture of our community.

This will not be all DTSF does to include, celebrate, and empower our BIPOC community members. We will continue to identify new opportunities for Downtown and DTSF to add value to the lives of those in our community. Everyone deserves the dignity of living in a welcoming community. DTSF strives to be a leader in providing ladders of opportunity for those in Sioux Falls who have been previously unheard.

What better place to build a more perfect union for the land of the free than in the heart of America—in the heart of Sioux Falls—Downtown Sioux Falls.