DTSF Member Benefits

The DTSF Difference

Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. leads the charge in creating the most enticing downtown in America. We do so by connecting, growing, and celebrating downtown. It takes all of us to make that happen though. Together, we are building a stronger downtown for Sioux Falls, the region, and beyond.

  • Member Meetings keep you informed on all the downtown happenings, taking place at different member business on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30am.
  • DTSF Socials are great opportunities to meet new people and connect with longtime friends. Socials take place at different member business each month.
  • DTSF Committees allow members to have a say in the future of downtown and DTSF.
  • The Retail Roundtable is an opportunity to share ideas and learn from peers (meets monthly).
  • Community Newsletters hit 1,000’s of inboxes monthly with your events and promotions.
  • Membership Newsletters hit close to 1,000 inboxes monthly. Receive and promote news about businesses and downtown happenings, and learn about upcoming events and promotions.
  • Join the DTSF Business Membership Group on Facebook to share information and ask questions.
  • The DTSF Digital Passport connects people to downtown with gamified experiences, like virtual scavenger hunts and enhanced promotional opportunities.


  • DTSF.com, featuring our member directory, has over one million page views a year. List events and property listings on DTSF.com for a broader reach. Log into the Member Portal to learn more.
  • DTSF events and promotions, such as Restaurant Week and Art & Wine Walk, put customers in your business. Participating members gain exposure through social media and local media outlets.
  • DTSF’s social media channels help grow our member’s digital footprint. Add DTSF as a co-host of your Facebook events to reach tens of thousands of followers.
  • DTSF Gift Cards drive customers to your business. It’s free to register and they work wherever credit cards are accepted.
  • DTSF’s marketing puts a bullseye on downtown and increases exposure for your business.
  • Sponsor DTSF events and promotions to gain even more exposure!
  • Professional development seminars are a great opportunity to fine tune your business skills.
  • DTSF micro loans help small businesses overcome challenges and become more successful.
  • Grow your business’s exposure with vendor booths at DTSF events, like Riverfest and Block Parties.
  • Access valuable data with our metrics dashboard, pedestrian reports, and market data.

  • DTSF’s Annual Meeting is an opportunity to reflect on the past year and enjoy the successes of the entire downtown community.
  • DTSF spotlights our members through local and social media, telling their stories and giving kudos.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 605-338-4009 or info@dtsf.com.