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DTSF Small Business Resources

April 16, 2020

“May you live in interesting times” is often conveyed as some kind of blessing. Most would agree that times have been a little too interesting lately. People are anxious, confused, and afraid. These are normal feelings. We all have experienced these feelings since this pandemic first took root.

We’re asked to do a lot too. Reinvent business models. Research and apply to new programs. Secure funding. Have incredibly difficult conversations with staff. Some are even doing this while teaching their kids too. It’s not easy. Make sure you go easy on yourself.

Know that in this difficult time, DTSF is here to help our business members get through this by connecting them with all the available resources. We’ll continue to do what we can to help businesses adapt to the changing economy.

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Have faith that good things can come from bad situations. We will pull through this, and we will be stronger than before. Stay strong and keep smiling!


Joe Batcheller
DTSF President


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Events for Businesses:

Our Mayberry Webinar

Expand your online e-tail presence while supporting your community.

Learn more on Friday, April 17, at 2:00 pm.


DTSF First Friday Fund Run

Organize a team to compete in a virtual race to raise money for downtown businesses.

Kicks off First Friday, May 1.



DTSF Business Members are encouraged to join the DTSF Business Member Facebook Group to stay connected and up to date on the latest happenings.


DTSF Financial Aid Program by the Numbers:

  • $127,000 in grants have been distributed.
  • One in six businesses have received some help from their landlords.
  • One in four have received help from their lenders.
  • One in five businesses have transitioned to e-commerce.
  • Three out of four businesses have closed on-site operations to the public.