DTSF is Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon!

June 16, 2023

Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. is striving to create the most hospitable downtown in the country. That’s why we’ve launched the new and improved Downtown Ambassador Program.


What is the Downtown Ambassador Program?

Thus far, the program has been a one-person operation led by DTSF’s Public Space Manger, Martin Dill. It’s been a pilot project intended to enhance the hospitality and safety of downtown by greeting visitors and assisting those in need. Since its launch in 2021, it’s proven to be a valued service, so much so that downtown property owners are investing more into the business improvement district to expand the program.


So what can people expect from the expanded program?

Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. will have a greater, more noticeable presence, keeping downtown clean and engaging people. Core services include public outreach, business check-ins, reporting suspicious activity, assisting law enforcement, cleaning sidewalks, and graffiti removal. It also means that DTSF ambassadors will be able to assist with code enforcement by having people walk their bikes and scooters on the sidewalks. It means employees working late can request an escort to their car if they’re alone and would feel more comfortable walking with an ambassador. 


Why does this matter?

There are some basic conditions needed to regularly attract people somewhere to become a vibrant, thriving place. It must be clean and safe. The Downtown Ambassador Program will enhance both the cleanliness and safety of downtown, which is important as both downtown and Sioux Falls continue to grow. With well managed cleaning and safety programs, our beautification and hospitality services will have an even greater impact for everyone—visitors, residents, businesses, and more. 


How is DTSF able to expand the Downtown Ambassador Program?

Last year, DTSF conducted a six-month long outreach campaign with property owners whose assessments for the business improvement district were capped. There were a few issues and opportunities to address, and most agreed it was time to lift the cap to pay for the services needed to keep downtown as the thriving place we all know and love. Since then, DTSF has partnered with an organization called Block By Block, which is the industry expert regarding urban place management. Block By Block is DTSF’s service provider, which allows for a streamlined approach to scaling up our services.


How will the Downtown Ambassador Program impact the community?

Bottom line, it means downtown will be a friendlier, more welcoming place, and an even better place to do business. As our community grows, DTSF is proactively addressing the issues and opportunities before us. An urban environment can sometimes be intimidating or chaotic. Not Downtown Sioux Falls, though. We’ve got an extraordinary community, and downtown provides the kind of showcase for who Sioux Falls is. I get calls and emails from people from other cities that often marvel at what we have going on here. DTSF and our ambassadors are here to ensure that continues by making Downtown Sioux Falls the most inviting place in the country.


Thanks for being part of downtown’s future!


Sincerely –

Joe Batcheller