The Passion and the Cross


The Passion and the CrossThe Passion and the Cross is an enchanting journey back to the first century when Jesus walked the earth. However, it is NOT like anything you’ve seen before.

It is a poignant and relatable work of art while still making clear the message of Christ and His Kingdom here on Earth. The original soul-stirring ballads and musical orchestrations will speak to your life and keep you riveted to the story in the most unique way.

The show begins in Galilee, at the peak of Jesus’ ministry, and ends just after His resurrection in Jerusalem. You will hear it all from those who were witnesses to the teaching, miracles, and compassion of Jesus Christ. You will hear it all from men, women, and children.

You are sure to gain beautiful insight into the Biblical and historical record alongside the teachings and parables of Christ, which includes a moving and elaborate scene featuring all children. Brace yourself for that. Come hear it from the witnesses and learn of their unprecedented change as it echoes down from the ages in The Passion and the Cross.

Special ticket prices available to groups of 12 or more. Please call the Box Office at 605-367-6000 or email

Recommended for age 6 and up with note of one graphic scene with blood and violence.