Downtown Sioux Falls Awards

Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. (DTSF)  would like to recognize individuals, businesses and organizations for their valuable contributions to our downtown community. Please use the form below to nominate those that meet the following criteria.

All nominations are due March 17, 2023.


Downtown Sioux Falls Awards 2023

  • As a longtime city planner, Steve Metli was instrumental in reshaping the vision for downtown, which included Phillips to the Falls and the River Greenway. The Steve Metli Visionary Award recognizes the forward-thinkers and innovators who have made a positive impact on the development of downtown. Previous recipients include Jeff Scherschligt, Arc of Dreams by SculptureWalk, Jeff & Sheila Hazard, Erica Beck, and 2022's recipients Joe & Jennifer Kirby.
  • As the longest tenured Executive Director of Main Street Sioux Falls, Carole Pagones used her passion, expertise and energy to contribute to the revitalization of downtown Sioux Falls. The Carole Pagones Vitality Award recognizes a person, small business, or organization that has energized, engaged, and activated the downtown community in a notable way. Past recipients include Jim Clark, Levitt at the Falls, Trolley Sponsors, Nyberg's Ace, Epicocity, and 2022's recipient MarketBeat.
  • This award goes to a person or organization that has a legacy of advocating for downtown, making substantial contributions to our community through their passion for the heart of Sioux Falls. Previous recipients include John Swedeen, Bill Baker, Mike Cooper, Jodi Schwan, SF Fire & Rescue, Larry Toll, Raven Industries, Jason Holbeck, Marv Looby, Craig Lloyd, Jim Clark, Evan Nolte, and 2022's recipients Glen & Elaine Koch.