Kids Cooking Camp

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Plum’s Cooking Company will take your kids on a five day tour of the world’s most popular cuisines. Starting off in Italy, they will learn how to make pasta and sauces. On day 2 they will learn proper French techniques. Day 3 they will explore the unique flavors of Chinese cuisine. Next, they will learn how to eat like a Grecian and to finish the week, the will cook with spices from Mexico that are traditional and not Tex-Mex.

*Children will not be allowed to interchange classes between different weeks. If they miss a day they will not be allowed to pick up the class at a later date.

*Arrive at 10:00am. Pick up is at 1:00pm.

*Lunches will be provided

*Age 7 – 11

Day 1 – Italian
Day 2 – French
Day 3 – Greek
Day 4 – Chinese
Day 5 – Mexican