31 May

The White Wall Sessions: RADDA RADDA

Live Music


RADDA RADDA is a fresh Rock/Pop/Americana group from Minneapolis, MN, USA. The band’s many years of nonstop writing, touring, and musical experimentation with scores of previous, separate projects ultimately brought them together in the spring of 2017. While the group deliberately kept a low profile in its early days (complete with a peculiar, cryptic social media presence), RADDA RADDA has worked rigorously and surreptitiously writing, recording, and refining their sonic efforts into a rock/Americana confessional of sorts. Their music spans a bridge between heartbreak and “hell-why-not,” built from howls at the moon, heartfelt lyrics, and walls of dirty telecaster twang, all the while maintaining an unmistakable pop sensibility that succeeds in fighting shy of the predictable. Their debut album is set to be released spring 2018.