Bid Survey

Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. (DTSF) is conducting a survey of stakeholders to gather input on the Main Street Sioux Falls Business Improvement District (BID). We want to hear from property owners, business owners, nonprofit and public sector leaders, and residents that live and work in Downtown. Your input on the BID is very important to us.

The purpose is to assess the value of existing programs and services, and to determine additional services needed for the future success of Downtown Sioux Falls.

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BID Overview

The BID was established in 1989 to foster an environment where people want to be and to enhance the marketability of properties within Downtown Sioux Falls. The vision is to have the cleanest, safest, most beautiful, well-marketed and engaging urban place in the country.

The BID contracts with DTSF to provide the following enhancements to the downtown experience:

  • Ambassador services
  • Sidewalk sweeping and litter control
  • Marketing and market research
  • Flower planting and watering
  • Seasonal landscaping
  • Holiday decorations
  • Snow removal (limited)

Martin Ambassador services

These services and programs are funded with a special assessment on properties within the BID, which is based on a formula that was established in 1989. Buildings are assessed $1.50 per $1,000 of value and are capped at $1,500. Land is assessed $1.00 per $1,000 of value and is capped at $200. The BID assessment is approved annually and requires an affirmative vote by the majority of City Council.

Take the BID Survey


Thank You!

Thanks for taking the time to tell us your perspective on the BID. Your responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential.