21 Jan

Around the World Special Reserve: Venezuela

Plum's Cooking School

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$250 + tax

This year, Gaby and Sean’s Special Reserve series will bring you Around the World with 12 different master classes. Each month they will present their favorite dishes from some diverse, rich, romantic, and exotic destinations.

This voyage starts in Gaby’s homeland, Venezuela. Packed with Latin flavors and influenced by European cultures, this meal will not disappoint. Each ticket is good for 2 seats. Each pair will receive a bottle of either red or white wine to share during class.

Pastelitos andinos – Ground Beef Filled Pastries
Sancocho – Beef and Vegetable Soup
Arroz con pollo venezolano – Venezuelan Chicken and Rice
Manjar – A Fruity Delicacy


Plum’s Cooking School exists to help you grow as a cook and deepen your love for the culinary arts. Our classes meet you right where you are on your cooking journey. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or simply curious, you’ll have the opportunity at Plum’s to learn and grow. Classes are taught both demonstration-style and hands-on by chefs and include samples of the food prepared.