21 Oct

Asian Horror Night

A Sensory Deprivation Event by Curious Music Collective


Grab your ticket yet? It’s gonna be FUN! https://www.eventbrite.com/…/asian-horror-night-the…
[This is a PG-13 event with live music, storytelling, and spooky snacks & drinks]

。9:00pm – Door’s Open
。9:30pm – “Asian Horror Night” program begins.
。9:30-10:30pm – Spooky snacks and drinks served
。10:30pm – Program concludes. Have a spooky night.

What is “Asian Horror”?
。In Asian culture, there are countless tales, lore, and stories about paranormal activity and the supernatural world. This cultural inspiration has been heavily adapted into the Asian horror genre

What to expect:
。The light will be dimmed to enahnce the music and culinary experience.

Live Performance:
。The Curious Music Collective is bringing you several horror stories from different asian cultures. Lawrence Diggs will be the storyteller, guiding people into each story, which will be intertwined by a very lively music program, performed by Dr. Yi-Chun Lin (violin/viola), Dr. KuanTing Chang (keyboard), Dr. Beverly Gibson (clarinet/saxophone), and Dana LeVan (percussion).

Food and Drink:
。Two special mystery “horror snacks” and a “horror drink” (which can be non-alcoholic) will be included in the ticket. (The mocktail option is avaialble for people under age 21)