02 Mar

Behind the Front (1926 | NR)

The 1st movie to play at the State Theatre in 1926!


πŸŽ‚ The State Theatre is celebrating its 98th Birthday on March 2!

To commemorate, every year we screen the very first movie to play at the theatre in 1926. BEHIND THE FRONT (1926 | NR) is a silent WWI comedy filled with hijinks. Come experience the magic of the silent film era on a big screen. It’s fun -and it’s 𝗙π—₯π—˜π—˜!!

Synopsis: Two men enlist in the army during World War I at the behest of a young woman who tells each of them that she loves him. Not knowing that one is a pickpocket who stole the others’ watch, they become buddies and share a medley of mishaps behind the lines in France, almost endangering the armistice. They return to America and go to the young woman’s house. There they find her about to be wed. They maul her husband-to-be and leave. A small incident exposes their enmity towards each other and their private war begins again.