08 Nov

Brad Colerick


Brad Colerick lets go of ‘Emerging Artist’ label

November 8 Old Courthouse Museum event will celebrate new album and the video premiere of Lost Bird (Zintkála Nuni).

The first time Southern California-based singer-songwriter Brad Colerick heard himself referred to as an emerging artist, it made him laugh. He wondered how long it might be before he fully emerged. After independently releasing six solo albums, he now claims to be just that. His new album Emerging Artist gathers material frequently requested at his concerts, plus personally meaningful tracks from each of his previous albums and four new recordings. Themes of hope and community stitch together the collection — uplifting reminders of what has drawn listeners to the prolific Nebraska native’s music and shows since he released his album Cottonwood in 2006.

“Little Bird” one of the new songs on Emerging Artist, was inspired by the true story of a Lakota infant orphaned at the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre in South Dakota and subsequently adopted by a Nebraska politician and his suffragette wife. Zinkála struggled as a young Native American woman in a white world; she died at 29 and was buried in a pauper’s grave in central California. On the recording, a native flute and handmade Lakota drum musically set the tone of Zinkála’s tragic life. Her story was later discovered — her body exhumed and flown back to South Dakota and reburied at Wounded Knee. Colerick says. “that reconnection with her people is what ultimately moved me to write her story.”

Executive Producer for the video was Sioux Falls resident Paul Schock who has worked with Colerick on previous projects. The video will be screened in conjunction with a concert on November 8 at the Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls. Colerick will celebrate his new album with stories and songs — as a seasoned and ‘fully-emerged’ artist.

Tickets are $18 advance or $20 door — https://square.link/u/QmeJH9gm
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