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04 Sep

DTSF Better Business Day


DTSF is excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for members to develop essential professional skills for growing your business. On Tuesday, September 4, we are hosting the DTSF Better Business Day with Tony Tanner of the Mann Group. Tony will conduct two seminars entitled ORBiT: The Art & Science of Leadership, and Retail Improv: The Customer Experience. The Mann Group are nationally acclaimed business consultants that already have a proven track record of success with 605 Running, Great Outdoor Store, and Spoke-N-Sport. Tickets are avaliable to purchase the DTSF office in Shriver Square, 230 South Phillips Avenue #306.

ORBiT: The Art & Science of Leadership (morning session 9:00-12:00, $100)

In our first seminar, we’ll delve into our tried-and-true formula for effective leadership and influence: ORBiT. Through six easily implementable steps—including negative and positive simulations, demonstrations, and feedback—leaders are able to instigate buy-in and implementation in their staff, increasing the effectiveness of large-scale visions and daily projects alike.

Retail Improv: The Customer Experience (afternoon session 1:00-4:00, $100)

Whether you’re a restaurateur or retailer, the key to increasing your sales, profitability, and customer loyalty is the same: cultivating an incredible, memorable customer experience. In our second seminar, we’ll outline a series of simple skills—like effective listening and body language—that your staff can use to turn your customers into dedicated (and money-spending) fans of your business.

Lunch is included with the price of both seminars.

DeAnn Echols, Owner of Great Outdoor Stores

“ We have been in several Mann group presentations and have always found them to be informative, and actionable in our business.  We have made many positive changes to our business based on their seminars.  I highly recommend them.”
Greg Koch, Owner of 605 Running Co.
“605 Running Company had the great privilege to work with the Mann group. We found their approach to retail business education to be tremendously helpful. Working within a specialized industry it is important to create a unique shopping experience. The Mann group has helped us grow as experts in our field and we have shown an increase in profitability through the education of our sales team.”



$150 for both seminars.

10% off for additional team members


Tickets will be available to purchase July 8 at the DTSF office.

Email info@dtsf.com if you have specific questions.