20 Apr

Fire Cannot Kill a Quizmaster: A Game of Thrones Quiz

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Do you drink and know things? Did you skip filling out a March Madness bracket in favor of a GOT death pool? Are you mumbling the names of those who’ve wronged you under your breath right now? Remedy is headed back to the seven kingdoms to celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones with another edition of Fire Cannot Kill a Quizmaster! If you went to the others, don’t worry, this will be bloodier, geekier, and finished long before George R.R. Martin releases another book. Yes, Remedy has been making that same joke since 2015. It’s still true.

The vast majority of the quiz will cover the Game of Thrones TV show through Season 7. Round eight, as always, will be “Random Knowledge” and any, and everything Game of Thrones will be fair game there. No there won’t give you additional hints. Cheaters, and daughters with king’s blood, will be burned at the stake.

Admission to the realm comes at a price – $5 (no coins, paper currency please). The winners will be as rich as the Lannisters (incest and patricide optional), so bring your friends, your direwolves, and your dragons. The more commoners who play, the more riches you’ll earn.

Remember, valar quizghulis, all men must quiz. As George R.R. Martin once warned, “for every person who doesn’t come to a Geeks quiz, I kill a Stark.”

Registration for this quiz is REQUIRED! Head on over to http://bit.ly/GameOfThronesReg to register your team.