15 Sep

How do They Get Those Ropes Up There?


We are very excited to partner with Sylvan Rocks climbing Guide, Jeff Johnson, to offer a weekend of rock climbing fun!
Join us for Jeff talking about rock climbing basics and finally answer our question: how do they get those ropes up there?
The Saturday event is FREE and requires no sign-up. Just come down!

On Sunday at 8:30am, Jeff will meet up to 6 people out at Palisades for a 3-4 hour class for beginning rock climbers. You will learn basic skills like tying into the rope, communication, rock/body movement and more!
This portion of the weekend is $75 per person and requires pre-registration.
All climbing gear is provided by Sylvan Rocks.
You can sign up at Sylvan Rocks world headquarters by calling 605-484-7585 and letting them know you are registering for the “Beginning Rock Climbing class with Jeff Johnson on Sunday, September 16th.”