29 Mar

Mastery – Peak Performance, Super Creativity, Flow + Social Hour


PLEASE NOTE: This event has been cancelled.

Mastery - Peak PerformanceLearn the Neuroscience of peak performance and how to access flow, creativity, and the ability to thrive under pressure. Then join an additional discussion and social hour at Icon’s lounge afterwards.

Discover what all great inventors, athletes, visionaries, futurists, and leaders have in common: the ability to access effortless mental states that lead to breakthrough in discovery, outside-the-box thinking, complex problem solving, and peak performance.

In this uniquely empowering experience, dive deep into the neuroscience behind the powers of the mind and how to exponentially improve creativity, learning, and productivity. Learn simple mindful practices for overcoming stress, anxiety, and self-imposed limitations to reach optimal mental, emotional, and physical performance.

In the last hour, you will be guided through a mind-expanding practice (breathwork, sound, and meditation*) for accessing deep brain waves states, super-creativity, and inner guidance. The practices and awareness taught will help you harness more creative intelligence to excel in life, be more productive, and achieve greater success and well-being.

*This final practice is not suitable for those who are pregnant or have epilepsy or severe health problems.

What You Will Receive:

  • How to access “The Switch” to reach the flow/zone state for peak performance
  • An opportunity to generate the inner spark that can lead you to exponential possibilities through a mind-expanding one-hour practice
  • Practices for hacking your autonomic nervous system to master stress, anxiety, and other mental factors that hold you back from peak performance
  • How “autonomy” makes you stronger in leadership and teams
  • Access super-creativity through deeper brain waves and profound levels of meditation that are simple to achieve
  • Remove the distractions of your world that take up the majority of your time, influence, and energy