08 Sep

Northern Plains Native Americans Connecting with the Natural World Exhibit Opening Reception

at the Old Courthouse Museum


Regardless of when and where someone lives, they must adapt and survive within their environment. Wherever one chooses to live, their way of life is shaped by what nature gives them, both good and bad. Those who suffer through a long winter live differently than those that live on an island with year-round sun and moderate temperatures. Living on, and surviving on, the Northern Plains for hundreds of years has meant adaptation. It has shaped what people have worn, how they have collected their food, and their religious and societal rites. Native tribes who called the Northern Plains home survived and flourished. They learned how to cope with changing seasons, utilize the wildlife present and harvest the abundance of their surroundings. They had to battle nature as much as live with it. From this natural world came a bounty that shaped every aspect of people’s lives.

Join us for the Northern Plains Native Americans: Connecting with the Natural World exhibit opening reception on Thursday, September 8th from 5-7 p.m. at the Old Courthouse Museum. Get the first look at the new exhibit while enjoying refreshments with museum staff and volunteers. Admission is free!