02 Feb

Sophie Labelle in Sioux Falls, SD

The Trans Agenda Speaking Tour

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Transformation Project and Sioux Falls Pride Host “The Trans Agenda”, talk and Q&A with cartoonist Sophie Labelle.
Sophie Labelle is a neurodivergent trans cartoonist and novelist from Montréal, in French Canada. She is the author of the webcomic Assigned Male, which has been running since 2014, and the Ciel novel series. She lives in Finland with her Finnish husband. ”The Best of Assigned Male” was recently published by Hachette UK.
During her talk, she will speak about her art and activism, her artistic process, comic-making, community building, and empowerment through art. She will answer questions from the audience and sign books at the end.

This event is part of Sophie Labelle’s North American tour!