09 May

Startup Skills Workshop: Learn to Master LinkedIn with Chuck Shaver

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Startup Skills Workshops provide founders with knowledge and actionable strategies to immediately apply to their businesses, empowering them to navigate challenges and drive growth.

This Month’s Topic and Speaker:

The first step to leveraging LinkedIn to drive business opportunities is to optimize your profile. With 308 areas and settings available in your profile, most don’t know how to optimize them to get you the attention you want.

This month’s speaker, Chuck Shaver, will show you in hours what took him a decade to master to supercharge your LinkedIn profile bringing you more visibility for you, your brand, and the products & or services you offer. By implementing these changes, you will see instant benefits and long term benefits that will turn into more opportunities, shorter sales cycles, and better close ratios.

Bring your laptop! We will go through your profile from top to bottom to showcase all the features available to make you a LinkedIn superstar.

  • Visual Appeal – Tools to use, how it should look, elements it should contain
  • Information – What to have & where to have it
  • Content – What to highlight & where
  • Settings – Add the right SEO and links, and turn on and off security settings that are hurting you

Who is the speaker?
Chuck Shaver, a seasoned Corporate LinkedIn Trainer, specializes in helping professionals harness the full potential of LinkedIn to elevate their networking and business development skills. Learn more about him below.

Who should attend?
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, if you operate in a B2B environment, this event is designed to benefit you. Join us to gain valuable insights and strategies to boost your B2B success on LinkedIn.

Why attend?
– Learn how to improve the visual appeal of your profile.
– Understand how to craft engaging content that captures attention and sets you apart in your industry.
– Learn what to highlight and where to position it for maximum impact.
– Explore the ins and outs of LinkedIn settings, including adding SEO elements and configuring security settings to protect your privacy while enhancing your professional image.

About Chuck Shaver
Chuck Shaver, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in sales, partnerships, and ownership, has consistently achieved significant success by leveraging the power of LinkedIn. Recognizing his passion for helping others harness this powerful tool, Chuck founded a training company dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses. With more than five years devoted to becoming a leading LinkedIn sales trainer, he continually absorbs the latest insights to simplify the learning process. Chuck’s mission is clear: to share his expertise in an accessible and straightforward manner, allowing you to quickly acquire the skills that took him a decade to master, all while enhancing your professional journey on LinkedIn.

Entry Instructions:
Please enter the building from the east side of the building, directly adjacent to the parking lot.

If an ADA accommodation is needed, please contact the Startup Sioux Falls office at 605-275-8000.

Parking Instructions:
Free and paid parking is available throughout the area. Please refer to this parking guide.

Startup Skills Workshops are free to the participant because they are supported through the Community Navigator Pilot Program grant, powered by the Small Business Administration.

Thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring food for this event!

Questions? Contact:
Sara Lum